Preparation and submission

ICAR is an international scientific journal for students and young graduates (until 5 years after graduation) of academic courses related to conservation, preservation of works of art and generally protection of the cultural heritage, where they can publish their research papers. Papers that would be considered for publication must concern conservation and preservation of materials and objects classified as works of art or museum objects (eg. easel paintings, wall paintings, sculpture, paper, leather, parchment, wood and stone, metal, textiles, etc.) as well as those concerning topics such as ethics of conservation, preventive conservation, material studies, problems of conservators work in different institutions. We also encourage submissions of master theses abstracts, whose contents are often not available for a larger audience.

We hope that our guidelines provided for authors will help them prepare papers of substantial scientific value. The reference style that we adopted is universal. We strive to ensure that the publishing process meets international standards so that submitters who send us their paper proposals are aware of every step of the publishing process – from abstract selection, through double-blind review, to editorial notes and final corrections.

We encourage all prospective authors to familiarise themselves with the guidelines for authors before embarking on writing their abstracts and research papers.