About ICAR

Who are we?

The international scientific journal „ICAR” is dedicated to students and recent graduates of conservation and restoration of works of art and related fields from universities and conservation schools in Poland and abroad. The originators of the idea of establishing such a journal are themselves students and young graduates from the Faculty of Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art of the Fine Arts Academy in Warsaw.

Why do we act?

“ICAR” is the answer to a desire to publish of publishing students’ own research in professional journals, indicated numerous times by young conservators and restorers. Being able to demonstrate published scientific papers is often an important factor taken into consideration while accepting candidates for internships, exchanges, work placements, for positions in the private sector as well as by prestigious public institutions like scientific research centres, museums, galleries, universities or disposing grants for research studies.

Our mission

The mission of the journal is to popularise the scientific accomplishments of students and young graduates within the field of broadly understood conservation and restoration of works of art. ”ICAR” is designed to be an international platform dedicated to students and young professionals, enabling spreading information and exchanging scientific experiences. The range of topics of published papers includes various matters concerning conservation and restoration of works of art., antique objects and care of cultural heritage.

Keeping the highest standards

We take greatest care of the quality of published papers. They are carefully selected by the Scientific Committee. Our journal is peer-reviewed. We cooperate with a number of reviewers from Poland and other countries. Positive opinions from reviewers (who are the specialists within their field of profession – conservation and restoration and other connected fields) is the base for qualifying materials for printing. „ICAR” is an international journal, and thus the papers are published in English. Professional translators are involved in the process. Our aim is to be able to include „ICAR” in the list of high-ranked journals as soon as possible.

Promotion of Polish Conservation-Restoration

The journal, published by the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, within its scope of activity includes also promotion of scientific accomplishments of students and graduates educated in Poland. We want them to integrate with the international community of young professionals. This goal will be achieved by publishing in each edition of the journal papers in English by Polish and foreign authors.